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A unique careers event for talented sixth form and first year university students with a disability or health condition

 27 June 2017

Come and explore your future with us

With so many career options available, deciding what you want to do can be overwhelming and confusing. For individuals with a disability or long term health condition this can be especially true, as you also consider how you are going to manage your disability in the workplace.

‘go’ is a unique careers event for talented and disabled sixth form and first year university students (at the time of the event). Whether you’re considering school leaver programmes, apprenticeships or graduate positions, we would like to share with you the great opportunities on offer.

With contributions from some of the UK’s leading firms, the event will help you to develop you understanding of the various industry sectors, the different functions within them, and the variety of career paths on offer. The event will also cover how best to approach the application and selection process in order to give you the best chance of success. It will explore the support that is available and provide you with the opportunity to meet with people already working in the industry who have first hand experience of disability.

Attending ‘go’ will help give you the confidence and direction you need to overcome your concerns and make the most of your potential.

The event

‘go’ is designed to provide you with as much information about the participating firms as possible, the different career paths open to you and the variety of functions on offer – from sales and marketing, to finance and engineering.

Throughout the day individuals will share their experiences of working for the participating firms and how they manage their disability in the workplace. The day will be interactive, in order to make it as interesting and enjoyable as possible. However, please be reassured that you will not be expected to make presentations or get involved in any way that makes you uncomfortable.

Participation is free and we will reimburse travel expenses. Students may be accompanied by a parent, teacher or carer on the day. However, please note that parents, teachers and carers cannot attend in place of a student.

We will do our best to provide students with the assistance and the adjustments that they need on the day and encourage them to send us their requirements in advance.

An example of the event agenda is as follows:

  • 10.30 Welcome from host firm
  • 10.45 Opportunities for School Leaver, Apprenticeship and Graduate positions
  • 11.10 Skills Session
  • 11.55 Business Rep Experience
  • 12.00 Lunch break
  • 12.25 Business Rep Experience
  • 12.30 Strengths and Openness about your disability or health conditions
  • 13.20 Business Rep Experience
  • 13.25 Skills Session
  • 14.15 Break
  • 14.25 Business Rep Experience
  • 14.30 Adjustments and support panel
  • 15.10 Final Thoughts
  • 15.15 Networking
  • 16.00 Close

Who should attend

The event is for anyone concerned that their potential to develop an exciting and rewarding career might be compromised by the fact that they have a disability or long term health condition – visible or otherwise.

‘go’ is targeted at sixth form and first year university students (at the time of the event) interested in school leaver programmes, apprenticeships and graduate opportunities. You do not have to decide which path you want to go down, or which industry is for you – ‘go’ is here to provide you with all the information on what the industries are about, how they differ, and the opportunities that each offers.

In addition, the event also aims to address the issue of managing your disability in the workplace. One of the key objectives of ‘go’ is to take an honest look at the issues of discussing your disability with a future employer. the event will explore the responsibilities of both employer and employee to ensure that any necessary adjustments are put in place.

A school leaver programme, apprenticeship or graduate opportunity with any of the firms attending ‘go’ will be intellectually challenging. You’ll need a strong academic background to succeed, and the determination to undertake demanding training.

  • Finishing school in 2017 or 2018
  • 5 GCSEs with a minimum Grade B in Maths and English
  • On course to achieve 300+ UCAS points from 3 A Levels (or equivalent). Mitigating circumstances will be taken into account, and must be outlined in your application.

Finishing university in 2019 or 2020 and on track to achieve a 2:1 degree

  • 300+ UCAS points from top 3 A Levels (or equivalent). Mitigating circumstances will be taken into account, and must be outlined in your application

Places are limited at the event. We will be looking for, but not exclusively screening on: academics, extra curricular activities, work experience and motivation to apply.

The companies

The event is being hosted by some of the largest employers in the UK including Barclays, EY, GSK, and J.P. Morgan.

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If you would like to register interest on behalf of your school and find out more information for your students, please fill out our Online form.


If you are interested in attending ‘go’ yourself, please download the application form and return via email:

If you would prefer to send a CV and email a paragraph explaining why you want to attend, please send this to

Please check your eligibility under the ‘who should attend’ section of the website.


If you have any questions please contact

In order to ensure that you get the most from the event, we are able to make any adjustments that you may require. Please outline these on your application form.

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Past events

GO: Great Opportunities 2016 opened with students and firm representatives networking over refreshments before proceedings began with Daniel Danso, Global Diversity Manager at Linklaters, welcoming the students. This was followed by Christina Kerr, Head of Campus Marketing, Diversity Recruitment and University Relations at Barclays, outlining the wide range of employment opportunities available. These include school leaver programmes, apprenticeships and graduate roles. During these sessions, representatives sat with the students offering them the opportunity to ask any questions they had, and discuss the different employment opportunities they had just heard about. continue reading...

The second session of the day was a CV and interviews skills workshop led by Alecia Ani, Global Resourcing and Diversity Advisor at Linklaters, who provided students with expert guidance regards best practice for CV writing, focusing both on format and content. This interactive session enabled the students to see things from the recruiter’s perspective. The session also looked at interview skills, with Alecia providing practical advice regards how to perform well in an interview.

Students then heard from James Phoenix, an Associate at Linklaters, about his personal experiences of managing his disabilities whilst successfully qualifying as a solicitor.

The afternoon started with Riyaz Hazi, Assistant Tax Advisor at EY, speaking about his experience of working with a visual impairment including the support he had had and how he had accessed this. This was followed by a session led by Helen Cooke, Director of My Plus Consulting, talking about strengths and openness. This empowering session challenged students to identify their strengths and skills which, as Helen highlighted, may have been acquired as a result of living with a disability. In the second part of the session, Helen provided advice about how to inform a recruiter about a disability or health condition and requesting the support required.

It was then time for students to hear from Olu Ogbe, Business Systems Analyst at JP Morgan, who spoke about managing his visual impairment in the workplace, including the adjustments put in place by his team to ensure he is engaged as fully as his non-disabled colleagues. It was then time for a short break after which Uzair Patel, Equities Project Controller at Barclays, gave a very open account of his experience of managing his mental health condition at work.

The final session of the day was a panel discussion where a panel of industry experts answered questions relating to adjustments and support collated from students throughout the day. The expert panel included Paul Smyth, Head of IT Accessibility at Barclays; James Gower, Manager Information Security at EY; Jane Bennett, Complimentary Worker Global Talent Programmes Assessment and Selection at GSK; Olu Ogbe, Business Systems Analyst at JP Morgan; and Daniel Danso, Global Diversity Manager at Linklaters. Students were able to take away really useful advice from this session including how to communicate with recruiters about support and adjustment requirements. Finally the day drew to a close with an opportunity for students and firm representatives to continue talking and making connections over drinks and canapés.

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